What makes a good portfolio?
It’s something many people would benefit from knowing, especially in the games industry as, chances are, your portfolio will carry the most weight when employers consider you. There are a few basic rules that I’ve learned from listening to professionals in the industry, research online and personal experience.

The biggest rule I’d say is that your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest piece. This has a few meanings in my mind. First of all, it means to me that quality is greater than quantity. If you had made a million portfolio pieces and only a few certain of them truly shone through the rest, then you’d only want to show those pieces. If an employer was looking through all your amazing pieces and came across one rather bad one, it’d leave a sour taste in his mouth and he’d certainly remember the bad one the most.

Another rule for nearly all portfolios is to constantly work at it and improve it. Your portfolio is never finished and keeping it up to date with your newest skills and abilities will show off your abilities as they are, at your current plateau.

More specifically to my area of study, I’d say that make sure to know what you’re applying too and how your portfolio will reflect on it. As a programmer, I know that their are many different languages out there, and each has it’s pros and cons. I should know what I’m applying to show that I can show off my skills with the best suited language for the task and what the employers will be looking for. For example, if I were going into a mobile development company, I’d want to show off most likely C#, some C++ and Java for android development. If I were applying to a purely PC gaming company for instance, chances are I’d want to put heavy focus on C++. Tailoring your portfolio to your employers taste is of vital importance and shouldn’t be forgotten. You’d hardly want to show off a Java database program to a games development company.

Finally, make sure that your portfolio really just shines how confident you are in your area of work. Strong portfolio pieces will shine through everything else that you could give to an employer, as it shows off your skill in its purest form.

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